Privacy Policy

At Payday Loans Perth we give utmost priority to the confidentiality of your personal details. Our privacy policy indicates why we keep your personal details and for what all purpose we are using them. We provide a safe environment and do not allow any unauthorized third party to access your data. Your data is treated in accordance with the Data Protection act 1988. You are advised to carefully go through the privacy policy.

There is certain information that you need to provide us for your records. Details like your Social Security Number, employment details, past credit records, address, etc are required by us. Through such information we get to know about your loan requirements and how much you can afford to pay back.

We at Payday Loans Perth share your information with only those lenders that can match your requirement. Before sharing your private details with any lender, we take your permission. However, when you provide us with your personal information, it is assumed that you are giving the consent for the usage and disclosure of information with the appropriate lenders.

There are many third party links that you can find while browsing our website. These links are for reference only and do not have any relevance to our site. You can use such links but at your own risk as it may interfere in the proper working of this site. Such third party site is a different entity and before sharing your personal details one should go through its terms and privacy.

We at Payday Loans Perth keep on informing about different financial offers or any kind of organizational changes. We also introduce you to our new services with the medium of adverts. You can unsubscribe our services at any point of time. As you unsubscribe such services, there will be no further adverts from that particular brand.

The personal details we keep should be updated from time to time as it is our duty to keep the records updated. It is your responsibility to keep us informed in case there is any editing or changes to be made in your current data. There are times when we remind you to update the information if required.

At our site there are some services that are given even if you do not provide any identification proof. If you have to generally enquire about the deal, current interest rates and for other kind of consultation services, you don't require to give detailed information.

We at Payday Loans Perth secure your data in an electronic form in a safe environment. We prevent your data from any kind of unauthorized use and maintain the secrecy of your identity. But we cannot guarantee 100% secure data transmission over the Internet. The company computers can be illegally accessed and your data can be used. Our site holds no responsibility for such acts.

However, our site is using latest encryption technology to safeguard your private details. In case you find any other trouble with our services, you can inform us through email. We will take all the necessary steps for resolving your troubles.