What is Payday Loans Perth?

We are a lending intermediary that connects you with the lender that can help you with extra cash during its shortage.

How can I apply for payday loans?

You first need to register with us and we in turn will pass on your details to the matching lenders.

Can I apply even with a bad credit?

Yes, there are some lenders that may consider you even with a bad credit, as they are more concerned about your current repaying ability.

How can I qualify?

It is necessary to meet certain pre-conditions before applying. You need to be a citizen of Perth and above the age of 18 years. You should be earning a regular income and hold an active account under your name.

Will there be any credit check?

Yes before trusting you with the loan, the lender runs a quick credit check to ensure your credit worthiness.

How much time will the whole process take?

The time depends upon the pace at which your validation takes place. If you want a fast response you are advised to give all the valid details in the form.

How much cash can I borrow with these loans?

You can avail an amount ranging from A$100-A$1000 for all your small expenses. The amount depends upon your current income and credibility.

Do I have to pledge any asset?

No you do not have to risk any asset as payday loans are short term loans.

How much will the loan cost?

The cost of loan depends upon the amount of cash borrowed and the interest rates charged by the lender.

Will there be any processing fee while applying?

Yes, the lender can charge a nominal amount of processing fee.

Can I cancel my loan request?

Yes, in case you are not comfortable with the terms of the loan deal you can refuse it. We put our borrowers under no obligation to accept it.

How can I contact you if I want more information?

You can contact us at Payday Loans Perth for any other additional information related to our services.

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